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Sponsor a Lori’s House Baby

Here at Lori’s House, when you sponsor a baby you are not only providing food and shelter to a pregnant mother in need, you are giving hope and new possibilities to the entire family.

Your gift offers a choice for life to a mother who may feel that the only way out of her desperation might have been abortion. With your sponsorship, you are supporting the mother during her pregnancy, the joyful birth and throughout her baby’s first season of life. With loving guidance, hard work and prayer, these mothers graduate when they are able to complete the goals set before them and find a stable job, housing and life as a family unit.

Monthly Gift Options

$25 Safe Haven

Helps the mothers off the street and into Lori’s House, provides them basic necessities like shampoo, conditioner, food and shelter.

$50 New Life

Gifts the mothers with items needed for their birth, delivery and new baby. The baby receives diapers, wipes, clothing and newborn necessities.

$100 Begin Again

Restoring the mother as she graduates the program, mom and baby are provided with items, such as household appliances, furniture, and home supplies to help them to begin their new journey.

One Time Gift

Choose a custom amount to support Lori’s House.

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