Every year, 1.3 million babies are aborted in the United States. At the current rate, 145 babies are aborted each hour, two die every minute. These are not just staggering statistics, it is a painful reality. This is the greatest tragedy in our generation. Abortion has been referred to as the silent holocaust. Abortion is America’s silent holocaust. During the holocaust, 1 million Jews died each year. Are there other similarities?


America’s Abortions

Nazi Holocaust

Kill Rate

1.3 million per year 1 million per year (6 million in WWII)


Unwanted babies Unwanted Jews


Not fully human Not fully human

Victims’ Voices

Unheard Unheard

Victims’ Bodies

Disposed as trash Disposed as trash

Killed By

Licensed doctors Licensed doctors


The latest technology The latest technology

To Commit

Murder as per the Bible Murder as per the Bible

And Known To

American citizens German citizens

Who Will Be Asked

Why didn’t you try to stop it? Why didn’t you try to stop it?

Source: http://www.godvoter.org/abortion-holocaust.html

Lori’s House was birthed out of Pastor Jim and Lori Bakker’s dream of doing their part to stop the abortion epidemic. Women choose abortion for a variety of reasons. Sometimes women feel they have no other choice. Lori’s House exists so young women do have a choice. They do not have to feel trapped and alone. At Lori’s House, we offer the love of Jesus to young women along with practical life skills to set each woman up for success. We offer them hope through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We show them a bump in the road, an unexpected pregnancy, does not have to be a devastating time in their life, but can actually launch them into a wonderful journey.

Women choose life because they see there is hope. There is another option. There are genuine people who want to help them and offer them love. We want to stop the abortion epidemic not only for the baby’s sake, but not the mother’s as well. Is that your heart as well? Do not be plagued with the question, “Why didn’t I try to stop it?”. Take action today. There are many ways for you to do so. You can start volunteering at your local pregnancy resource center, commit to praying daily for women who are considering abortion for their hearts to be penetrated by the Holy Spirit, or you could partner with Pastor Jim and Lori by donating to Lori’s House today.

However you choose to fight against the silent holocaust of abortion, start today. You do make a difference. You can save lives.

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